Ways to Avoid Soccer Injuries


US women’s soccer team


The FIFA Women’s World Cup is all the rave around the world right now. While we are so focused on the games, soccer athletes need to be cautious to prevent injury.

Take a look at the most common soccer injuries below.

  1. Ankle Sprains – these are the most common soccer injuries which are caused by ankle ligaments being overstretched or twisting too quickly. Physical therapy can help treat a sprain through stretching, strengthening, and balance exercises.

  2. ACL or MCL sprains – these sprains occur when there is a rapid change in movement of the knee which can cause excessive torque within the ligaments resulting in a Grade 1 sprain all the way up to a complete ligament tear that might require surgery. Ways to treat these knee sprains include initial pain management such as ice and NSAIDs followed by knee mobility exercises, stretching and strengthening exercises for the knee, hip, thigh, and core. 

  3. Shin Splints – these are caused by over using our lower bodies too quickly such as running or jumping. Treatment would include icing the inflamed areas as well as a strategic strengthening plan with exercise and stretching and manual therapy to improve pain levels and mobility of the affected area

  4. Hamstring strains – strains are caused by quick and explosive movements such as running sprints, rapid acceleration and deceleration and kicking the ball. With a hamstring injury, physical therapy will initially be more gentle to improve pain and promote healing. This will include soft tissue work, gentle strengthening and mobility exercises to maintain range of motion followed by gradually increasing stretching as the tissues heal. 

Overall, make sure you stretch and warm up before going on the field. If you feel stiff don’t play, you will avoid an injury. 

P.s. be sure to support our U.S. Women’s National Team! 🇺🇸⚽️




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