The Lattimore Way Explained

Doug experienced back pain off and on for years. He has tried numerous chiropractors and physical therapists with only mixed results. Tired of being in pain, his friend recommended he try physical therapy at Lattimore. “It’s actually enjoyable to go there for PT, unlike other places I’ve been to. I really couldn’t be happier with my experience there.”

Doug’s experience isn’t unique, in fact clients from all 24 give us similar feedback. While we recognize that no one wants to go physical therapy, we go out of our way to make our clients experience memorable. We like to call it the “Lattimore Way” and there are several ways that make us unique.

Independent Centers:
Our goal is to keep people out of pain. Lattimore physical therapy is not associated with any hospital which allows us to provide individualized care to each patient. Clients can schedule an appointment without needing a referral from a doctor or specialist.

Many of our new patients comment on the relaxed atmosphere at our centers; and comment that our centers don’t have a corporate feel. Our centers are open during early morning and late night hours to accommodate our patients busy schedules.

Premiere Care:
Each Lattimore physical therapist on staff has a different area of specialty such as orthopedic, pediatric, vascular, orthopedic manual therapy practitioners. This allows us to treat a wide range of issues and because our staff doesn’t work on commission, the PTs can work together to provide the best continuum of care. Jane commented, “The staff is extremely welcoming and willing to listen and teach why they choose certain exercises for particular injuries. There is a genuine care and interest for the patient.”

In 2018, the Rochester Business Journal Reader Ranking’s named Lattimore as the best physical therapy and sports rehabilitation center in Rochester and we couldn’t be prouder. Thanks Rochester!

Our Team:
We can’t brag enough about our team. Although we are serious about our clients health, we have a lot of fun in the process. Each facility has a wide open room where several clients are being treated at once. Many of our clients appreciate the relaxed, light hearted atmosphere at our centers and actually have fun during their sessions.

We are also proud of the low turnover of staff at Lattimore. Many of our clients request the same PT’s session after session. “I could not be happier with my results and will continue to work hard on my recovery ,and I would never go anywhere else for PT care, they are the best!!” said Paul.

Our Community:
Lattimore is committed to the communities we serve. Each year, our centers compete against each other to raise money for a local charity. To get to know us better, we encourage you to follow your local Lattimore Physical Therapy center on social media. You can read bios of our physical therapists, and get a feel for the center in your community before your next appointment.


The Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network was founded by Physical Therapists John and Cindy Shuman in 1992. Since then Lattimore has grown to 20+ locations in 4 different counties.

What’s unique about Lattimore is our patient experience. We tailor your 1:1 treatment around your individual needs, conditions and goals. With us, you’re more than just a number. You’re a member of our local community and we’re invested in your success. Call 1–888-PT ROCHS to experience The Lattimore Way!

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