Staying Active at Work Can Pay Off



Let’s be honest, most of us sit around all day behind a desk at work. Whether it is during meetings or while staring at a screen all day, our bodies ultimately experience a mental and physical toll. If you are losing motivation at work, take a look at these tips to improve your health and even your productivity!

  1. Take a mental break

    Working without breaks not only causes fatigue but studies have shown that people who take a break are more productive than those who power through their work.

  2. Keep Drinking Water

    When our bodies are dehydrated, we lose our productivity. A lack of water can cause fatigue, muscle aches and pains. If you are thirsty, drink water to keep your brain active!

  3. Eat a Healthy Lunch

    Make sure you don’t skip breakfast and eat a healthy lunch. Be sure you are getting the right amount of calories to be energized throughout the day, both mentally and physically.

  4. Stretch, stretch, stretch

If you are feeling tight, stretch it out. Stretching will get your blood flowing and your muscles moving. You can stretch your arms, legs, back and neck in just a few minutes. Take a look at our blog about work stretches to learn more.




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