The ACL Tear: Recovering from Soccer Injuries

Soccer is a popular Fall sport played by athletes of all ages. However, movements such as kicking, sprinting, fast changes in direction, and contact can lend themselves to certain types of injuries.

The ACL tear is one of the most common soccer injuries. Steven from our Spencerport location explains how physical therapy can help, how one can prevent an ACL tear and tips for rehabilitation.


Ankle or knee sprains are other common soccer injuries. Remember to check the condition of the field before playing. Proper footwear and appropriate strength training are recommended. Head injuries, including concussions, are also common amongst soccer players. Check out our blog for ways to identify and recover from a concussion.

Consider working with a physical therapist for injury prevention. Our team can help you target specific muscles in the legs to strengthen and prepare for the movements performed regularly. If you do suffer from an injury, our team can work with you to get you back to playing the game you love. Our physical therapists will give you all of the tools needed to recover and the education and exercises needed to prevent injury in the future.

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