Six Healthy Habits To Kickstart 2019




Six Healthy Habits To Kickstart 2019

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get serious about getting healthy in 2019. Countless American’s list getting healthy and/or weight loss as their top priority for the new year. Everyone’s life looks different so instead of providing you a one size fits all approach to health, we have developed six tried and true habits for you to incorporate in the new year. Start small, pick one or two habits in the new year to guarantee a healthy 2019.

1) Make your health a priority:
The first major change you need to make when getting healthy is changing your mindset. If you don’t make your health a priority, all of the other healthy changes you intend to make in 2019 are irrelevant. This means making time in your schedule to exercise, eat healthy, going to the doctors (and physical therapist) and sleep. Treat these times like appointments on your calendar that can’t be missed or rescheduled.

2) Eat greens at every meal:
An small but powerful way to make major changes to your health is to eat greens at every meal. Greens are not only great for weight loss but also to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to operate at its peak performance. For breakfast, add spinach to your smoothie or omelet. Eat a salad or veggies every lunch and dinner. Pack broccoli or bell peppers for a crunchy afternoon snack.

3) Move more, move often:
Americans spend a lot of time sitting which can result in obesity and chronic back, hip and neck pain. The solution is to move more. Don’t limit your exercise to 30 minutes at the gym, set your timer at work every hour to take a quick walk around the office and stretch your muscles. For those who don’t like the gym, find some activity that you love so that you will do it more often. Take a dance class, join a basketball team or go for a hike.

4) Don’t skimp on sleep:
Sleep is commonly overlooked as a critical factor to a person’s overall health. Lack of sleep has been linked to higher levels of glucose and insulin storage which is the key ingredient to weight gain. Schedule and maintain a consistent bed time routine that doesn’t include watching TV or scrolling your phone.

5) Eat breakfast:
Breakfast literally means break the fast and you should eat when you first wake-up in the morning because it signals to your body that you are ready to start burning calories again. If you aren’t a big breakfast eater, consider drinking a smoothie or eating some toast with avocado spread over it.

6) Drink more water:
Drinking liquids is not the same as drinking caffeine, just like sleep, water intake has a direct correlation to a person’s overall health. A good rule of thumb is to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day.




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