One Patient’s Story of Getting her Life Back at Lattimore PT




Read how after a recent hip surgery one patient developed knee pain so severe she was staring at another surgery…until she walked through the doors of her local Lattimore PT.

Michelle Cotturone has had her fair share of experiences with PT. Positive ones following rehab for cancer related surgeries and reconstructions in 2012 and less positive ones following a knee surgery in April of 2017. She reports that following her experience with that she was miserable and hated every second of attending her PT where she stated she “felt like cattle, just another person going through the motions down the line. I had lost faith in the medical community and I didn’t believe that PT actually did anything.” After all this she was forced to undergo a hip replacement this past March. She began PT like she always had but through her rehab she continued to make her knee worse and worse again to the point of being unable to walk and wearing a knee brace full time.



Clinical Director Adam Ellis assisting a patient on a machine

At one of her follow-ups with her doctor he recommended she switch facilities and try PT with the Lattimore group. She called up Lattimore PT of Greater Pittsford and ended up on the schedule of Clinical Director Adam Ellis. Michelle states this led to an immediate change in tone for her and instead of thinking “I can’t do this, it won’t work, etc.” she left feeling positive and upbeat about her situation. After one week she was able to walk without her brace. With her continued diligence and Adam’s guidance and careful exercise selection taking into account her other issues after a few short months she was recently discharged from PT with a full return to the activities and lifestyle she previously enjoyed.

“Now I can. Now this works. Adam gave me hope and restored my faith in the medical community. I am no longer a skeptic and believe that physical therapy works. Specifically, physical therapy at Lattimore PT works and I would recommend them to anyone who needs PT.”

If you or someone you love is struggling with chronic pain, mobility issues, or a poor quality of life send them this article. If you have tried PT elsewhere in the past and aren’t a believer — why not give the Lattimore way a try? You don’t need to live in pain and Lattimore PT can help start you or your loved one on the road to recovery. Call 1–888-PT-ROCHS today!




The Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network was founded by Physical Therapists John and Cindy Shuman in 1992. Since then Lattimore has grown to 20+ locations in 4 different counties.

What’s unique about Lattimore is our patient experience. We tailor your 1:1 treatment around your individual needs, conditions and goals. With us, you’re more than just a number. You’re a member of our local community and we’re invested in your success.

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