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Whether you receive a referral from your primary care doctor, or conduct an independent search, it can be difficult to choose a physical therapist (PT). At times, your doctor may hand you a long list of physical therapy clinics to choose from. Other times, since you have what is legally termed direct access, you may simply choose to make an appointment with a physical therapist.

In either case, how do you decide which physical therapy clinic to visit?

Since physical therapy has the potential to positively influence not only your physical condition, but your lifestyle, this is an incredibly important decision. Whether you have short-term physical therapy needs, or a chronic condition that requires ongoing treatment, you want to find a PT clinic where you are comfortable and confident with the quality of care you are receiving.

When choosing a PT provider, it is advantageous to conduct in-depth research so you can make an informed decision. In addition to utilizing the resources provided by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), take time to research each physical therapy clinic online. Read through the PT’s website and social media accounts. It can even be helpful to stop by the clinic and speak with employees.

When choosing a physical therapist, there are several important considerations to make related to distance, insurance, available services, length of appointment, and patient testimonials. Here are five things to consider when comparing alternatives:

Locate physical therapists near you

The Lattimore PT website provides a comprehensive list of clinics sorted by location, along with a Google map plotting each clinic. On the website you can search for one of 20 Lattimore locations in four different counties including Monroe, Livingston, Ontario, and Yates. Additionally, you can dial 1–888-PT-ROCHS to find a location near you. Every Lattimore PT location provides a full range of physical therapy treatment services and most injuries and conditions can be treated by any of our certified physical therapists.

Ask if the PT clinic accepts your insurance

According to the APTA, all 50 states and the District of Columbia allow you to contact a physical therapist without a referral. What differs, is whether your insurance requires you to visit your primary care physician prior to actually receiving physical therapy care. Just like a primary care physician, it may be important for you to consider whether or not the PT clinic is in-network.

Determine what services the PT clinic provides

Depending on your unique needs, you may be better suited for one physical therapy clinic over another. You can use the Lattimore locations page to compare PT clinics in your area. Lattimore PT offers a wide variety of services to treat various conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to whiplash. Take a look at the conditionsinjuries, and treatment pages. If you are experiencing an injury or condition that you cannot find on one of the lists, contact any location for additional information. Each clinic can recommend where to find the best treatment given your unique situation.

Consider length of appointment

When assessing quality of care, hands-on, one-on-one treatment matters. Duration of appointment indicates the amount of time you actually get to spend with the therapist. “You get what you pay for” is something to consider when choosing a PT clinic. If a therapist fits three appointments in each hour, you receive less care than a standard 45–60 minute session. As a treatment option that can transform your quality of life, you want to work with a therapist who is unwilling to sacrifice quality of care in exchange for their bottom line. Find a physical therapist who will treat you like they would treat their own family.

Review patient testimonials

Another great way to get a feel for the PT clinic is by speaking with current and former patients. You can typically read reviews online through Facebook, the clinic website, or other third party forums. Facebook integrates a review page, allowing the public to rate any business on a scale of 1–5 and leave detailed comments regarding their experience. Facebook reviews often provide insight into the atmosphere, level of service, and why or why not someone recommends a clinic.

You can choose where to go for physical therapy. Conducting your own research is a great way to discover the PT clinic that best matches what you’re looking for.

It can be difficult to determine which physical therapy practice is the best option for you. Consider location, insurance coverage, service offerings, length of appointment, and most importantly, the experience of patients.

You need to find a PT clinic that provides high quality care, in a comfortable, welcoming environment. This decision is all about your health and well-being. It pays to do your research.



The Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network was founded by Physical Therapists John and Cindy Shuman in 1992. Since then Lattimore has grown to 20+ locations in 4 different counties.

What’s unique about Lattimore is our patient experience. We tailor your 1:1 treatment around your individual needs, conditions and goals. With us, you’re more than just a number. You’re a member of our local community and we’re invested in your success. Call 1–888-PT ROCHS to experience The Lattimore Way!

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