Golf Swing Mobility Class with Dick’s Sporting Goods

We’re partnering with Dick’s Sporting Goods at the Eastview Mall on a golf fitness class that will focus on the fundamentals of the golf swing and sticking to a proper fitness routine when it comes to the sport! Physical therapist, Shane Bucher, will guide you through golf swing mobility as we follow the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) curriculum. Today, this mobility assessment is widely used by PGA Tour professionals to improve their game as the benefits of a TPI assessment is a valuable tool for players of every level measuring mobility through exercises, drills and education.

The 60-minute class will entail:

  • Individual golf swing assessment followed by training in corrective exercises designed to help increase strength, improve mobility and create a more efficient golf swing.

  • For participants to walk away with the above skills to incorporate straight to the course to create a more enjoyable golf experience.

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Five participants to every golf bay, and be capped at 5 participants per bay. Ideal for ages 18+

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