Feeling neck pain from sleeping? Here are 6 ways a physical therapist can help

Are you waking up each morning with neck pain from sleeping? Waking up with neck pain after a long night can put a damper on your day before it begins. Fortunately, engaging in the right treatments can alleviate your pain and boost your quality of rest. A good physical therapy provider should offer a wide range of treatment techniques and strategies. This allows them to pinpoint your needs and give you care that addresses your condition.

Neck pain that stems from sleeping is a common issue. The factors that can contribute to this pain are internal and external. The way you position yourself, the type of pillow you use and the quality of your mattress can all contribute to uncomfortable sleep. Poor sleep habits and conditions can play a role in strains and misalignments in the neck. This can lead to stiffness and pain when you wake up. It is important to address the pain in your body and the outside factors that might contribute. This is why physical therapists should apply a multifaceted approach.

6 ways PT can address neck pain from sleeping

  • Posture correction — Sleeping posture can make a major difference in your physical condition when you wake up. If you are experiencing neck pain from sleeping, postural issues might be a crucial factor. A physical therapist can evaluate your posture and body mechanics. This helps them to identify whether your sleep posture is contributing to your neck pain. If your posture needs improvement, your physical therapist can provide guidance on making healthy postural adjustments. 
  • Ergonomic advice — In some cases, something as simple as replacing a pillow can alleviate neck pain from sleeping. A physical therapist can help you assess your sleeping environment. This includes your pillow, mattress and bedding. An ergonomic assessment can ensure that your sleeping environment is conducive to comfort and good posture. After an initial assessment, your physical therapist can offer recommendations for ergonomic improvements based on your unique needs. Improving your sleeping environment can be a straightforward way to reduce strain on your neck when sleeping. 
  • Manual therapy Manual therapy is a broad term for hands-on physical therapy techniques. These include gentle joint mobilization treatments and therapeutic stretching. Manual therapy can help release tension in the neck, leading to pain relief. Targeted manual therapy can also restore proper alignment. By improving your neck health, this treatment can help you continue to sleep without neck pain. 
  • Tension management — When you do not sleep well, your body can get tense. Stress from rest issues and sleep deprivation can have a physical impact. Tension can lead to a painful feeling of tightness or stiffness in the neck. When you attend physical therapy sessions, your therapist can work with you to manage and reduce your tension. Your treatment plan might include relaxation techniques to improve your sleep quality. You can also do targeted PT stretches to ease stiffness and improve flexibility in the neck. 
  • Electrical stimulation — Long-term recovery from your symptoms is essential. However, short-term pain relief is also important. Managing your pain with physical therapy can help reduce the need for medication. Depending on your condition, a physical therapist may use modalities like electrical stimulation. Electrical stimulation is typically used to address pain caused by tissue injuries. This modality stimulates tissue to promote healing and decrease inflammation. By targeting the tissue directly, electrical stimulation can help address your pain at the source. With a holistic physical therapy treatment plan, you can receive care designed to help you in the present and the future. 
  • Progressive treatment — Physical therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. One of the benefits of using physical therapy to address your neck pain from sleeping is the personalized treatment. A physical therapist can understand that each patient has unique needs, and that those needs can change over time. As your recovery continues, your physical therapist can adapt your treatment plan to match your capabilities and target areas for improvement. 

Address your neck pain from sleeping with treatment from Lattimore Physical Therapy

Are you ready to start waking up each morning without pain from sleeping? Discover how PT can improve your condition at Lattimore Physical Therapy. Our therapists take the time to understand your needs and the conditions that have led to your symptoms. This allows us to craft a comprehensive strategy for each patient. We incorporate traditional PT exercises in addition to ergonomics, electrical stimulation, manual therapy and many other specialized treatments. Each of our physical therapists is trained to engage in different treatment methods and works hard to help each patient succeed.

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