Common Hockey Injuries




Sports can take a large toll on our bodies. From training season to the big game, our bodies are pushed to the limits. This month here at Lattimore Physical Therapy we want to discuss some common hockey injuries and how physical therapy can help to treat them! The fast-paced, action-packed game of hockey can leave players vulnerable to a number of injuries. Physical therapy is a great alternative to intense surgery that could leave players out for the remainder of a season. Read more on how physical therapy can treat common hockey injuries!

  • Upper Body Injuries 

    • Shoulder Separation and Broken Collarbone

      • Physical Therapy Treatment 

        • Exercises to increase range of motion and strengthening exercises using resistance bands

        • Icing the sore area and resting it for a period of time to allow the injury the time required to heal 

  • Lower Body Injuries

    • Hip Joint and Groin Injuries, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL)

      • Physical Therapy Treatment 

        • Balance exercises to help strengthen the lower body

        • Hands-on treatment to help the joints from becoming stiff 

        • Exercises to improve range of motion such as stretching 

        • Icing the sore area and resting it for a period of time to allow the injury the time required to heal 

  • Head Injuries: Concussions

    • Physical Therapy Treatment 

      • Exercises to balance the inner ear, strengthen vision and overall help improve brain function

  • Overuse Injuries: Lower back or back pain, and muscle strains in general due to overtraining 

    • Physical Therapy Treatment 

      • Icing the sore area and resting it for a period of time

      • Elevating the injury to help any swelling to go down

      • Stretching and strengthening exercises to help improve posture to avoid future back pains or recurring pains 




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