Best physical therapy near me: What to look for

In search of a physical therapy clinic that fits your needs? We understand that filtering through all the options out there can be overwhelming. There are thousands of physical therapy offices out there, each one declaring that they’re better than the next. When you’ve got that many people telling you they’re the best, it can be hard to know who’s really got the best options for you. That’s why we’re here to help. 

To find the best physical therapy treatment near you, there is a certain set of criteria you must look for. Keep reading to know what exactly you should look for when searching for the best physical therapy clinic near you.

What should you look for in a physical therapy clinic near you if you want some of the best care?

There are several qualities that many of the best physical therapy clinics share. Not sure if the physical therapy clinic you’re looking to start treatment at meets an exceptional standard of care? Here’s how you can tell:

  • Are the physical therapists certified and state licensed? — One of the best questions to ask is, are the physical therapists at the clinic near you certified and state licensed? Most people simply assume that their physical therapists already meet these standards, but would be surprised to learn that not every practicing therapist does. It’s never a bad idea to inquire about the certifications of your potential PT specialist. All practitioners should be certified by the APTA and licensed by your state’s authority
  • Do they have an array of treatment techniques? — When looking for the best physical therapy clinic near you, it’s important to ask about treatments. Do the treatments they offer target a variety of conditions and issues? You want to look for a clinic that offers diversified treatments, modern equipment and therapists who continue their education
  • Do they have a history of success? — Another question to ask when looking for the best physical therapy clinic near you is if they have a history of success. Try looking at their website for patient testimonials or client reviews. You’re likely to find honest and upfront information about the services and treatments that a clinic provides in past experiences of their patients.
  • Do they accept your insurance? — When looking for the best PT clinic near your area, you should be sure to check the insurances they accept. If you’re planning on paying out of pocket, you’ll need to ask if this is an option as well. Otherwise, you may face barriers to care like having insurance not accepted by the clinic or not being able to afford out-of-pocket costs.
  • Does this clinic specifically treat your condition? When considering multiple clinics around you, it’s also necessary to see which ones actually treat the condition you need treatment for. You can check their website for a list of conditions they most commonly deal with or call their front office staff and ask. Make sure to do this before scheduling your first appointment.
  • Will you meet with the same therapist for each session? — Consistency is important when receiving physical therapy treatment. Getting consistent care from the same therapist can improve the quality of your care. They should be able to pick up right where you left off during each session. You and your PT specialist should get to know each other and build rapport to produce the most effective, personalized treatment. 

Let Lattimore PT help you get the best physical therapy care near you

Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network first got its start in 1992. John and Cindy Shuman, husband and wife, first launched their own physical therapy practice with the aim to improve the quality of life of each member of their community. Since 1992, Lattimore PT has opened nearly 30 locations across New York.

Our team of talented physical therapists across the state is dedicated to understanding the best treatment for you. We specialize in taking a “hands-on,” interactive approach with each of our patients to provide them with the best care possible. We love to see our patients thrive, which is why we’ll do as much as we can to help get them to that point. The physical therapists at each of our Lattimore locations take pride in their work and do their best to come to the clinic each day with a smiling face. We aim to make each physical therapy session enjoyable yet productive. The ultimate mark of success, to us, is a patient who feels positively impacted by our work. Are you ready to experience “the Lattimore way”?

We strongly believe that we can provide you with some of the best physical therapy care out there. We’ll strive to help you in any way we can so that your symptoms become easier to manage with time. If your condition is interfering with your daily activities, you’ll likely benefit from regular visits with us. Don’t wait any longer to seek the care you need. Schedule a session with us today to get started on the path toward relief. 

Contact our team today for more information or to schedule an initial appointment.

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