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Arthritis, a joint disorder that causes inflammation, affects over 54 million people nationwide — often limiting certain daily movements and activities.

There are two main types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Types of Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis: The most common of the two, is a long-term or chronic type of arthritis caused by the breakdown of the cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones. Once this cartilage begins to breakdown, the bones begin to rub against one another. As a result, one experiences stiffness, pain, or loss of movement in the joint.

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis: This type of arthritis is an inflammatory disease caused by an attack by the immune system on the body’s joints. In this case, the body’s immune system attacks the lining which protects the joints. This type of arthritis often causes pain and swelling in the wrist and or finger joints. 

Although there is no cure for arthritis, here are some tips to reduce the pain you may be experiencing from arthritis. 

  1. Low-impact Exercises: Exercises such as water aerobics or swimming won’t add further stress and will help flex your joints.

  2. Heat Treatments: A warm shower or bath can help ease stiffness in your joints. Consider an electric blanket at night to keep joints loose.

  3. Cold Treatments: Ice can provide quick relief by reducing some of the swelling and inflammation. 

  4. Add These Foods to Your Diet: Fatty acids have been shown to reduce joint stiffness, and turmeric is linked to anti-inflammatory properties.

There are also various ways to reduce your risk of developing the disease. Here are some measures aimed at early recognition and prevention.

  1. Take Precaution: If your job calls for a lot of typing and desk work, practice good posture. You may find a special keyboard or wrist cushion is helpful. If your job requires physical labor, be careful when lifting heaving objects.

  2. Maintain a Healthy Weight: Excess weight can put extra stress on your joints, especially your knees, hips, and feet. Maintaining a healthy weight not only helps enrich your quality of life but also works to reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.




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