6 physical therapy specialties to treat your condition

Looking for specialty physical therapy to treat an injury or chronic condition? When it comes to physical therapy, it can be hard to know what kind of treatment is right for you. Physical therapy does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. The field of physical therapy is diverse; various specialties are geared toward specific conditions and symptoms. Licensed physical therapists will often concentrate their experience or expertise on certain areas. When you need treatment, researching your condition can reveal what kind of physical therapy is most relevant. The most effective kind of care for you will depend on your specific needs. To understand what you need, it can help to learn about the different physical therapy specialties that exist.

6 effective physical therapy specialty services

  • Orthopedic PT — Have a musculoskeletal injury? Orthopedic physical therapy focuses on conditions that affect your muscles and bones. Examples might include chronic muscular conditions or bone injuries. This kind of specialty physical therapy also branches out into joint, ligament and tendon conditions. Orthopedic PT is ideal for helping address issues like fractures, strains and sprains. Chronic conditions such as arthritis can also benefit from this kind of treatment. Orthopedic PT often involves targeted exercises and other specialized treatments. This focused care aims to restore your physical capacity while providing pain relief.
  • Manual therapy — One of physical therapy’s top specialties is hands-on treatment. Your physical therapist can use special manual techniques such as trigger point therapy. Joint mobilization and joint manipulation are other common strategies. Each technique involves the use of controlled pressure and motion to promote healing. With soft tissue manipulation, for example, your physical therapist can improve blood flow around a tight joint. This can trigger natural healing and reduce your pain. With manual therapy, you can experience relief while boosting your recovery time.
  • Neurological care Neurological conditions are issues that affect your nervous system. Your brain, spinal cord and nerves all work together to make up this system. When something goes wrong in your nervous system, it can lead to negative symptoms throughout the body. One common symptom is nerve pain. This might feel like a tingling or burning sensation. Numbness and difficulty moving are other common symptoms of neurological conditions. If you are experiencing these symptoms, seeking specialized care is important. Parkinson’s disease is one example of a neurological condition that physical therapy can help manage. A licensed physical therapist can help you maintain functionality and slow the progress of your symptoms.
  • Cardiovascular rehab — Have a heart or lung condition? Cardiovascular rehab can help restore your health. This physical therapy specialty often works to help people recover from heart and lung issues. Heart attacks, surgeries and chronic respiratory issues are some cases where rehab could help. The cardiovascular system includes the arteries, veins and heart. Every other part of the human body relies on the cardiovascular system to circulate blood with vital nutrients and oxygen. When issues such as heart disease or pulmonary fibrosis affect this system, it is important to find treatment as soon as possible. Physical therapy can help not only manage but also prevent cardiovascular conditions. With tailored exercise plans and breathing techniques, you can work to maintain your long-term heart and lung health.
  • Sports PT — As an athlete, finding new ways to improve your physical condition can be crucial to success. Sports physical therapy is a popular way for active individuals to enhance their performance. With sport-specific training and exercises, you can work to meet your goals. You can also learn about injury prevention techniques to stay safe on the field or in the game. Experienced an overuse injury? Physical therapy can also help you make a quick and complete recovery.
  • Women’s health — As a woman, it is important to find care that takes your particular needs into account. Many health concerns are faced mainly by women. These range from pregnancy concerns to pelvic floor dysfunction. Physical therapy providers that specialize in women’s health can help you navigate conditions that are unique to you as a woman. Navigating a major life event like pregnancy or menopause? Physical therapy can help you stay comfortable.

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