4 physical therapy exercises for lower back pain

Do you have persistent lower back pain that interferes with your ability to sit, stand, walk and do a variety of other activities? You’re not alone. Research estimates that almost 8% of all adults in the U.S. experience lower back pain at some point. If you’re considering physical therapy to get help managing your symptoms, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll list some common treatment methods, explain why PT is one of the most effective and even list some specific examples of exercises you might perform during PT for your lower back pain.

What are some common treatments for lower back pain? Why should you choose physical therapy?

There are several types of treatments available to people who are struggling with pain in their lower back. Some include short-term options like anti-inflammatory medications, cortisone injections, and hot and cold therapy. These methods may help reduce pain temporarily but generally don’t target the root of the pain or prevent it from coming back.

Physical therapy is by far one of the best treatment methods for lower back pain. This is because it’s a long-term treatment option that can provide results for weeks, months and sometimes even years. It’s a noninvasive, gentle treatment option that doesn’t require the use of painful needles or incisions. Not only that, but it’s a whole-body treatment, meaning that it focuses on exercising several areas of the body that could be affected by an area of pain or injury and not just the injury itself.

What are some physical therapy exercises for lower back pain?

There are a wide variety of physical therapy exercises and movements that a physical therapist could have you perform to address your lower back pain. If you’ve never visited with a PT specialist for back pain before, you may be looking for an idea of what to expect. Here are some exercises that may be used during PT to help with lower back pain:

  • Back extension — One example of an exercise for lower back pain is a movement called the back extension. To perform this movement, you’ll need to lie flat on your stomach. Then, you’ll use your arms to prop yourself up while slowly bending your back and lifting your head up toward the ceiling. This movement is meant to gently extend your back muscles. 
  • Knee to chest — Another exercise that your physical therapist may ask you to perform for your lower back pain is called the knee to chest. To perform the knee-to-chest exercise, you’ll need to first lie flat on your back. Then, bring your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around your knees or legs to help keep them in place. Make sure to pause for several moments with your knees bent, and then release.
  • Cat to cow — The cat-to-cow movement requires that you get on all fours and first arch your back up like a stretching cat would and then slowly drop your back down into a reversed arch position.
  • Child’s pose — Another exercise that your physical therapist may ask you to do for your lower back pain is called the child’s pose. This involves lying on all fours with your knees apart and your feet tucked under your bottom. You’ll want to extend your arms out in front of you so that you can feel the stretch on your sides. Hold this pose for several seconds or until your therapist instructs you to do otherwise.

Let Lattimore PT treat your lower back pain

Lattimore Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation Network first got its start in 1992. John and Cindy Shuman, husband and wife, first launched their own physical therapy practice with the aim to improve the quality of life of each member of their community. Since 1992, Lattimore PT has opened nearly 30 locations across New York.

Our team of talented physical therapists across the state is dedicated to understanding the best treatment for you. We specialize in taking a “hands-on,” interactive approach with each of our patients to provide them with the best care possible. We love to see our patients thrive, which is why we’ll do as much as we can to help get them to that point. The physical therapists at each of our Lattimore locations take pride in their work and do their best to come to the clinic each day with a smiling face. We aim to make each physical therapy session enjoyable yet productive. The ultimate mark of success, to us, is a patient who feels positively impacted by our work. Are you ready to experience “the Lattimore way”?

We’re confident that we can provide you with the physical therapy care you need to effectively manage your lower back pain. The exercises and movements we will guide you through will all be part of a treatment plan that is personalized to you. We take each of our patients’ unique circumstances seriously and factor theminto treatment. If you’re dealing with lower back pain, don’t hesitate to seek the care you need to start experiencing relief. Schedule a session with us today. 

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